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The new home buyers journey: Converting online footprint to purchase footfall

By understanding this new journey, Developers can learn exactly how to implement which digital tools and at what stage. We aim to help inform the creation of the perfect digital property marketing strategy for you. We understand that each Developer may require something different and we’re more than capable of catering to this…after all, bloc does bespoke!

Be present for the journey!

The typical length for the full home buyers’ cycle can be anywhere between 11-27 months. This cycle can be broken down into 5 stages, all just as important as each other. It’s paramount to press emphasis on the critical need for strong online platform communications throughout. This is what all potential buyers crave in order to initially self-qualify and ultimately sell themselves on the idea that your homes are exactly right for them!

The New Home Buyers Cycle...

Stage 1. Consideration

At this stage, it is merely about the potential home buyer deciding whether it’s the right time to buy a property or not. They begin to do vague research and ask themselves questions about; what type of property they are after, their budget, and the area in which they want to focus their search.

For Developers, this is a great time to make your online presence known. Get your informational assets flowing through all your social channels, website, and online publications. And make sure they are accessible, informative, eye-catching, and shareable! Your aim is to be viewed as a reliable knowledge hub which buyers can refer and come back to time and time again, for anything they need in order to secure themselves their ideal property!

Embed; yourselves, your developments, and your content as a crutch for support and advice throughout the entire process!

Stage 2. Online Research

This could also be called the ‘browsing phase’. Here the buyers search through online property sites and explore the options they have within the criteria they have set out in the previous stage. At this point, they are still a long way from purchase – but they will be exposing themselves to, and engaging with, as many sources of information as possible. But don’t underestimate their hunger for the perfect property – as enforced in the consideration stage…feed you buyers with evergreen content and ensure you are their go-to!

Due to the consumers’ need for information, a Developer should also consider utilising additional marketing mediums like; email marketing campaigns, email sign-ups (for lead capture) and digital newsletters…

TOP TIP: this stage could reap more enquires if you have CG virtual tours of your properties or interactive floor plans – this will be an impressive visual tool to exploit that helps you get on that shortlist of ‘properties they must view’.

Stage 3. Active Search

Here, home buyers are now ready to physically view homes. They are aware of their options, and book viewings based on the preferred properties they found during their online research phase.

At this point, this is also the perfect time to use traditional forms of marketing collateral to support your agents, sales teams and communication streams.

In the current climate, innovations in immersive technology are being harnessed to bring properties alive. These technologies don’t only overcome geographical barriers to viewings, but also open new ways of engaging buyers and relating their potential homes to their current lives.

Seize the moment and innovation to invest in impressive augmented and virtual reality visualisation tools – available in our digital toolkit.

Stage 4. Transaction

This is THE stage you’ve been waiting for… Homebuyers are now ready to purchase! Here your digital property marketing efforts still need to continue, however, they should focus on purchase support, timelines, and logistics. Not all marketing efforts should have a hard sell message behind them. It’s a great time to use your digital tools and informative traditional marketing collateral in a blended strategy to further build rapport with clients and reflect your brand values, transparency, and trust.

Stage 5. Post Sale

This stage is the last and arguably the most important for long-term success. Here at post sale – the last part of their journey – it’s about keeping and maintaining your connections with buyers! Maximise the opportunity for them to share their reviews, continue connections with estate agents and actively share their positive experiences on social media. Be sure to have an active presence on socials to communicate and thank your buyers for their kind words; stay true to your brand and populate all your digital channels (and traditional media) with stunning visual content – this will provide as that all-important ‘hallmark of quality’.

This high stature of brand identity in buyers’ eyes will work in your favour for the long haul…clients are more likely to provide free forms of advertising like ‘word of mouth’ or even present themselves as brand loyal consumers in the future, making repeat purchases.. Don’t ignore the value of this cycle stage!

Bloc ArchViz can help develop a simple yet rewarding digital property marketing strategy that harnesses our evolved digital tools and encompasses the secondary support of powerful traditional marketing formats! Our Digital Property Marketing Framework pulls together all our research and resources to create the perfect digital property marketing strategy – to give you the edge!

Next time...

In our next blog, we shall discuss the combined use of; On-line, On-Site, and On-click forms of marketing. As a trio, they work effectively together and complement each other to form a simple yet rewarding framework to plan your ‘property marketing strategy’.

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