Social impact

The Bloc Basics: be open and accountable, be honest, be collaborative and be proactive.

The Bloc Basics: be open and accountable, be honest, be collaborative and be proactive.

Our social responsibility

We take responsibilities to our team, our communities, and our planet very seriously. Whether it’s relationships with clients, addressing our environmental footprint or, supporting people and places close to home... we’re committed to doing business with transparency and honesty.

Making a difference together

Making a difference together

We want to make sure as many communities and individuals as possible get their voices heard and their messages across with impact. This is why we work hard to share industry knowledge and advances in creative visualisation techniques, and promote the wider access of digital technologies.

We have freely donated our skills, tech, and time to a number of charities and organisations.

Derby Ram Trail - interactive AR walking tour app, and branding and design collateral across web and print.

Sherwood Observatory - branding, CGI, animation and environment visualisations to support the Observatory's 'National Heritage' public funding campaign.

Treetops - creative design strategy and creation of Christmas fundraising campaign for use across online and print.

Global Vent - product visualisation and promo animation of a COVID-19 fast response ventilator for an international collaboration of scientists, engineers and healthcare professionals.

School Wellbeing - digital student handbook created for Ashcroft Primary School's wellbeing programme 'The Harmony Pledge'. The programme aims to help develop character competencies and valuable life skills within children, encouraging traits such as: being safe, happy and healthy, being a fundraiser and being respectful.

Parkinson's UK Derby Branch - branding design and development, and social media content support.

Our environment

Digital technology is at the core of our business. Whether it's our own use or for our clients, we're constantly looking to harness its advances and develop solutions that can help deliver sustainability goals. Virtual and immersive technologies work to reduce the need for travel, data analysis visualisation and digital twinning makes operations more efficient by reducing waste materials, and the transformation of paper-based training courses into eLearning programmes reduce paper usage. These examples are just some of the solutions we're delivering.

As a digital-first company we know our operations, energy use, and resources contribute to global climate change and, as we continue to grow as a business, our environmental impact and responsibility grows too.

Our Co-Founder Keith Cox supporting a local off-setting initiative

Just some of the things we do:

  • We are active in carbon off-setting under a local sustainability tree planting initiative.
  • Since joining the initiative in 2019, we have offset our annual electricity use each year.
  • It was important to us that 100% of the trees were planted locally in the East Midlands so we could counteract that environmental footprint as close to the source as possible.
  • To reduce our business mileage impacts, we purchased our first all-electric car.

Our People

Respect, integrity and collaboration are at the core of how we act as a company, and these are the values which connect us as a team.

Diverse and equal: Bloc is both created and built on the talents and attitudes of our people - regardless of who they are, their backgrounds, or how they identify.

We are strengthening our forward-looking, safe and open working environment, and continue to build a culture that acknowledges the wider lives and responsibilities we may have beyond the four walls of the office.

Changes we've been making

  • Increasing our female representation across organisations with nearly 50% occupying senior positions.
  • Investing in continuous staff development to broaden skills and career opportunities.
  • Promoting a range of routes into industry - through apprenticeships, graduate placements, and supporting parents returning to the workforce.
Mental Health At Work Commitment
Celebrating the talent of the Bloc Digital team

Celebrating the talent of the Bloc Digital team

Ranica Brown, UX Degree Apprentice and UX/UI Designer

Ranica Brown, UX Degree Apprentice and UX/UI Designer

Alex Collyer, Apprentice Web Developer experiencing VR

Alex Collyer, Apprentice Web Developer experiencing VR

Our community

We want Bloc to play a positive role in our society. We focus on promoting action and supporting the busy, important and enriching work of many organisations within our region.

Shirt sponsor for Littleover Dazzlers

Shirt sponsor for Littleover Dazzlers

Filming at Treetops for 'Light up a life' 2021

Filming at Treetops for 'Light up a life' 2021

Treetops 'Treecycling' fundraising campaign

Treetops 'Treecycling' fundraising campaign

Football Team - shirt sponsor for Littleover Dazzlers.

Rainbow Hospice - fundraising contributions.

Tech Share - donating our older tech hardware to local schools and nurseries.

We don't just work with our communities as a business, our employees also support great causes too. We're incredibly proud of our staff and we celebrate their achievements and commitments - helping them to help others.

A snapshot of the great things they've been up to

Dan's Marathon - running the London Marathon in order to raise money for the Stroke Association.

Mandy's Daughter's Hair - donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust - enabling a real hair wig to be gifted to a young person or child who has lost their own through cancer or other treatments.

Keith's Murals - donating his time and artistic talent to create lasting wall art for charities, hospices and schools.

Ashley's White Collar Boxing - taking part in charity boxing matches to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Investing in our future...

We're devoted to inspiring young minds and developing next-generation talent. As an innovative company, we're always looking to the future - and believe it or not, it's not just about the tech...

Our proactive recruitment helps to retain regional expertise as well as promote Derby's position as a centre for innovation.

33 Graduates
9 Year in Industry Placements
8 Apprenticeships
13 Internships
5 PhD Students

For more than a decade, we've developed a broad STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths) outreach programme:

It's both rewarding and fulfilling to support and nurture up-and-coming talent, with many of our interns, apprentices, and placement students returning as full-time colleagues.

53 secondary school work experience placements.
6 'Hands-on tech' activity STEM sessions in primary schools.