Keith Cox & Chris Hotham

A message from our founders: We're evolving!

Welcome to a new era of Bloc Digital. An exciting time as we develop our current offerings and create dedicated studios to meet our growing industry reach.

What started with great intuition 22 years ago can best be described as a vision turned reality. As time has progressed, so have our horizons – and yet one integral ethos remains… to provide businesses and communities with digital impact, by continually improving visual communications and enhancing interactivity.

We are Bloc: We are evolving.

Our recent brand and website refresh has been a strategic move, and one that we believe accurately captures our evolution. As a leading digital visualisation and immersive tech company, we still continue with the same dedicated focus, the same big picture imagination… and of course, the same level of intuitive services and solutions for our clients – exactly as we did in the beginning! We also continue to push towards the further democratisation of technologies, supporting wider adoption and affordability within industry.

Our strengthened identity simply represents our innovation, our creative nature, and our evolved capabilities. Growth starts at home… and just as we always strive to progress our tech, we recognise the need to also develop our brand.

We’re the same Bloc, just with a fresh look!

We are Bloc: We are digital.

We’re celebrating our journey of growth by propelling the development of our award-winning solutions, investing in our specialist teams, and upshifting our service sets. In short, we’re creating a more tailored, insightful and industry-focused approach for our clientele.

From our deep-seated roots in industry, we have evolved to create a set of six specialised studios – each underpinned by our extensive expertise and experience in distinct areas of digital knowhow. All our studios continually work together to provide a full-service to our clients – while a project may begin in engineering, it will always collaborate with and utilise the skills of our other in-house studios to deliver impact.

From animations for marketing, and social media or full-blown campaigns, to data and IIoT dashboards, product life cycle maintenance applications, and VR and AR training tools… all our clients will STILL receive our coveted quality deliverables, with our competitive costs, and to deadlines – but with a refined offering to match our established end-to-end support. It’s just how we do things around here!

Without further ado, say hello to our complete studio line-up