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Our top tech trends for 2022

Today’s technology, and being able to adapt and horizon-scan, is a perpetual source of competitive advantage for many organisations – those that don’t prepare, risk being left behind.

But adopting new technology and committing time, money and resources to stay ahead of the curve can be daunting, especially after the strains placed on organisations over the past two years.

With our in-house R&D team we often get early access to test, play and assess new hardware and software. We invest in research to open up technology to wider audiences – and we look to industry and the national advisory boards in which our Co-Founder Keith Cox sits. By gaining insights, insider industry knowledge and harnessing the power of next-generation technologies we shape our solutions, helping our clients work even smarter and create more impact.

So with our ears to the ground, we take a step back and look to the future… and predict the next rising trends.

More connected, more integrated, more real...

From web and data to immersive tech and animation, our top trends span across numerous realms of technology – but realism and connectivity provide a common thread.

More detailed animations through Unreal Engine, more immersive experiences with haptics, more use of 3D visualisations on the web, and the race to ‘glasses-like’ immersive headsets all support the more seamless integration between technology and the user.

Similarly, the adoption of 5G will facilitate more flawless integration between data and tech. With increased flow and power of data, higher processing speeds and quicker network connectivity will accelerate the momentum of IoT and AI.

Tying this all together is the metaverse. Leveraging immersive technology, it will not only enhance environment-based experiences but will improve wider collaboration… perhaps even influencing operations like product design and testing opportunities. Harnessing Digital Twinning and IoT, it could also increase visualisation accuracy through the digital interpretation of physical objects.

As we review our top tech trends for 2022, it’s easy to envision a future in which the lines between the real world and the virtual world become even more blurred. Looking to the future, immersive experiences will seem hyper-real and detailed, and more importantly can, and will, be shared!

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