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Rare Total Solar Eclipse Over Ohio

Ohio Awed by Rare Solar Eclipse

In a breathtaking display that turned day into night, residents of Cleveland, Ohio and the team at Bloc Digital Inc. were treated to a rare celestial spectacle as a total solar eclipse swept across the sky, visible from parts of North America, Canada, and Mexico.

This event brought communities together, with eyes turned upwards and cameras at the ready to capture the moon's dance across the sun. So, enjoy some photos and video timelapses that the Bloc team captured!
The Solar Eclipse - A phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun, briefly plunging parts of the world into darkness, was visible in its full glory.

Did you know?
Eclipses have played a crucial role in advancing our understanding of the universe. Historically, they have helped scientists study the sun’s corona (the outer atmosphere), which is usually obscured by the sun's bright light. Observations during eclipses have led to significant astronomical discoveries, including the detection of helium.

The moments of darkness and the subsequent return of light serve as a metaphor for the enduring human spirit of curiosity and discovery that we're so proud to support across the Oceanic and Space discovery sectors.

An unforgettable day for our US team!